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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Malabar Egg Kurma

This ever-popular dish of Kerala is from my friend, Sreelatha. It is even possible to substitute the eggs with mixed vegetables like potato, carrot, peas, beans and cauliflower, to get an excellent vegetable kurma. It goes very well with Rotis, Ghee rice, and ofcourse, the Kerala porotta. Do try it out. It is very quick to make and turns out very tasty.

You will need:

Boiled eggs                                    : 6 Nos.
Onions sliced                                 : 1 big
Green chilly sliced                        : 3
Water                                             : 2 cups approximately
Cooking oil                                     : 1 tbsp
Salt : to taste
Coriander leaves                           : 1 tbsp

To grind into a fine paste:

Grated coconut                              : ½ cup
Khus Khus                                      : 1 tbsp
Fennel seeds 
(saunf/ perumjeerakam)              : ½ tsp
Ginger                                              : 1 inch piece
Garlic                                                : 5 flakes


Heat oil in a thick bottomed pan, and sauté the sliced onions and green chillies for a few minutes. Now add the ground coconut paste to this mixture, add the required water and put in salt. After it boils, add the shelled eggs, and boil further for a minute. Put in the chopped coriander leaves, remove from flame, cover, and keep aside for five minutes.

Serve hot.

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